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Helper III
Helper III

Last year comparison for multiple different measures?

Hi friends,


I am building a financial model with lots of different measures, and for every measure, I need to compare it with the same one last year, both in absolute and relative terms.


So for every measure, I am creating:

- the measure

- the measure last year (with PREVIOUS YEAR())

- Measure VAR = [measure] - [measureLY]
- Measure VAR% = DIVIDE ([measure VAR]; [MeasureLY])


For every indicator, ratio.... (and they are a lot!) I have to create thoes 4 different measures. Is this the correct way to go? I am relatively new in Power BI and I was thinking that maybe there is a better alternative, like a pattern that can be applied to different measures to get the difference between that measure and the same measure last year, without the need to create all this measures everytime. Is there a better alternative or I am doing it the right way?


Thank you!!

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did anyone solve this, I'm having the same question

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ContabilidadBI

In your screenshot, which are measures?

The columns [2013],[2014]? or the lines ?


Best Regards


Hi Maggie, and sorry for the incredible delay, I was in another country.


The measures are the lines, the ones in lowercase.


Thank you.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ContabilidadBI


Please upload some sample data and the output expected to Googledrive or Onedrive and share the link here to find a solution.





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Proud to be a Datanaut!

Hi!, thanks for your answer.


I have a model with many many measures, and for every measure, I need to show the variation between years. So for example I have this measures:




And to show the variation with the previous year, I have to calculate:


the measure

the last year measure

the Varmeasure= [measure] - [LYmeasure]

VAR%= Varmeasure/LYmeasure


And what I would like to do is a way to create a measure that calculate the variation with that measure Last Year, so I can use always the same measure, not to create a Var measure for every measure... I don't know if I am explaining myself clearly. Imagine that thoes measures in the rows are a rows of a table (instead of measures), so in that case I would be able to do what I want with only one measure, because depending on the filter context, the measure would calculate a different number. Is there a way to do something like that but for measures instead of values of tables?


Also a way to group measures to show them in a hierarchy would be very nice (not to group them in the model to organize, but to show them like this:




So measures are grouped in two categories in this case.


Thank you!!!

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