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Joining dates at different granularities



I have two SQL queries from different databases.


Database A contains hourly price data

Database B contains daily price data


I need to create a chart showing the total hourly price by multiplying the hourly price with the daily price. So the daily price effectively needs to be repeated 24 times a day so that it can be multiplied to the hourly price.


I have a calendartable but I can't figure out how to join them but to be able to use hourly granularity in tables and charts.


thanks very much in advance


 DATABASE A - hourly price


DATETIME                        VALUE

01/01/2017 00:00:00           45.45

01/01/2017 01:00:00           34.56

01/01/2017 02:00:00           43.34


DATABASE B - daily price


DATETIME                          VALUE

01/01/2017   00:00:00         15.67

02/01/2017   00:00:00         13.56


Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Anonymous


I think I follow what you need.


What I did was add a new column to the HourlyPrice table that only contained the date.  I did this using the Add Date column in the query editor


Add Date Col.png


This allowed me to create a relationship between the HourlyPrice and DailyPrice tables based on my new HourlyDate.Date column and the date column already in the Daily table




With this in place I added this calculated measure to the Daily table


Daily Price = CALCULATE(SUM(Daily[Value]))

Which I then used in a new calculated column on the Hourly table


Hour x Daily = CALCULATE('Daily'[Daily Price]) *'HourlyPrice'[Value]

This is the result based on your sample data.




Are we getting close?




To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

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Hi Phil


Thanks for the quick reply. I think it's almost there but it's not quite getting to where I wanted. Perhaps my example was too simple so wasn't quite covering what was needed


I've uploaded some data here over three tabs


What I need to end up with an hourly data series  to create a spark spread ( the theoretical profit of running a power plant in case you are interested!)


The formula is: HourlyPowerPrice - ((DailyGas[VALUE] + DailyCarbon[VALUE]*0.202)/0.55


I tried to apply your suggestions but am hitting a problem. I managed to relate the charts via the date as suggested.


The daily values are different for each day but what I am getting is then an average of the daily values over the whole time series rather than a distinct price for each day.


Does that make sense?


I am very grateful for any pointers


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