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Issue setting target line in graph

Hi All,


My last post was marked as Spam for some reason so I'm posting again but without a link to the Power BI file. I'll use pictures instead.


I've been having difficulty trying to figure out the relationship between two tables and I'm hoping I can get some help here Smiley Happy


I have a sales and target table. The sales table holds granular information and the target table holds top level targets per code and year.


The issue I'm having is trying to create a relationship between the sales and target table so to have a line graph with the sales line and a target line. 


From the picture below you can see the item codes are displaying correctly but the target line is straight. It seems to be adding them all together so it is alwats 123000.



I have added the Code and Year tables to create a one to many relationship as previously it was many to many.



This is the data contained within the tables. Sales table then Target table.

Sales TableSales TableTarget TableTarget Table


I would be hugely grateful for any assistance in this.


Kind regards, Kelvin.


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Did you use Year column from your Year table as your axis?

View solution in original post

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Did you use Year column from your Year table as your axis?

Thank you so much for your reply. 


I wasn't using the code and year from the inndividual tables. I have done so and now have the desired results.


Many thanks.

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