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Is There any way to fix Column Widths in a Matrix

In a Matrix visualization, is there any way to fix the column widths so they don't change. Specifically, I have a matrix that has two Values per Column Item: 


CostUnit Rate 


I always want the Cost column to be one uniform size and the Unit Rate to be a different uniform size for each Project which then fixes the uniform width of the Project field. Power BI Desktop seems to retain the width values for each Project-Cost and Project-UnitRate Column independantly as I can have different widths for Project A vs Project B. That is correct, but as I ad new projects via data updats, then I (or the end user) needs to adjust each one as they come along. Shouldn't I be able to preset these values, presumably under the column formatting section?


Is there an easy way to do this (if so please let me know) or is this an enhancement that needs to be added at some point?


Hi @Anonymous,


According to my test,

1. When the "auto-size" of "column headers" is off, the column will keep its length, which won't change automatically.

2. When the new data is added the first time, the column would fit its width automatically. 

3. First set "word wrap" on, then set "auto-size" off, it would satisfy your scenario.


Please have a try. 

 Is There any way to fix Column Widths in a Matrix2.jpg










Best Regards!


Community Support Team _ Dale
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it´s not working in my case. I have a chart interconected with  slicer and a table stand alone. Anytime a change a month in the slicer my table is afected changing columns witdth. 

It not works in may case. I have a table that should show 3 months in columns, in another chart in same page there os another chart connected to a slicer where I can select details of an specific month. When I change the month throught the slice columns in the table change their width.

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I can get this to work, but only if there is only one initial project in the list. Or else I think I have to set all of the projects to the same column widths (by eyesite it seems) and then the new ones will fall in line.


That does not seem very pratical. 


Also, it seems like the order in the selections of Word wrap and Autofit is crucial (though I did not rigourously try to confimr that).


Either way thanks for your help. At least I understand what seems to be involved and will consider suggesting a better work around.

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