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Helper II
Helper II

Implementation TEST


Hello Community,

I'm currently working on creating a DAX formula to monitor our growth (Conversion rate) based on implementations we deployed for three products. We aim to assess the 30 days before and after the implementation date for each product.

Here are the product details and their respective implementation dates:

Timberland: 2020-07-26
AZ: 2023-07-13
Adidas: 2023-08-11


I am seeking assistance to ensure that the formula captures precisely 30 days before and after the implementation date for each product. I tried with this formula  

Implementation period =

 IF(data[Product] = "Timerland" && 'data'[Sales date] <DATE(2020,07,26) - 30 , "No Strategy Implemented",
   IF(data[Product] = "AZ" && 'data'[Sales date] <DATE(2023,07,13) - 30 , "No Strategy Implemented",
    IF(data[Product] = "Addidas" && 'data'[Sales date] <DATE(2023,08,11) - 30 , "No Strategy Implemented", "Implemented")))

resulted in more than 30 days for each product. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could kindly provide assistance. Please find the link below for reference.

Helper II
Helper II

please assist @Ashish_Mathur 

Thanks for your time


I do not understand your requirement.  Share a simple input Table in a format that can be pasted in an MS Excel file and for that table, show the expected result clearly.

Ashish Mathur

Below is the link. I am just interested in 30 days before each

 timeland - date implementation was done 2020-07-26. I need to compare the percentage of 30 days before and 30 days after(That's the time range for all the product) product upgrade was done and 30 days after. Not intersted in other sales date. It's just like an a/b test

Show the exact results in G9:H11.

Ashish Mathur

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