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I want to create a total based on a filtered visual from a different report

I'm not sure I'm going to explain myself very well, but I will try.  I have a card with "Total Employees in Dept".  I also have a visual that has "% of employees who have completed specific courses".  The card is derived from one report (MyGCHR) and the visual is derived from a different report (CSPS).  What I want to do is: when I click on one of the classifications in my bar visual, i.e. "BI", I want the total employees to change to the number of BI's in the department.  Currently when I click on the "BI", it only changes the "Total employees who've completed the course" total and not filtering out the whole department total.


Right now it looks like this:



Does this make any sense?


Please help!  I'm sure it's something really simple, but I'm a beginner!

Regular Visitor

Unfortunately, my total employees number stays the same.  Would some kind of VAR formula work? I'm not very familari with them


Super User
Super User

Hello @DeniseDL For total employees write a measure using department. 

Total Employees = Calculate(Count(Employees),AllExcept(Table,'Table'[Course]))

This will give you overall employees irrespective of course completion status. 


If this works, please mark this as solution so that other can reach here quickly. Thanks.

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