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How to remove a blank from Hierarchy in Matrix Visual

Hi All ,  

I tried to create a hierarchy based on 9 LEVEL of Data and I need show a lowest level of each hierarchy as various ACTIVITY NAME under that level.

While tried to create this hierarchy I'm seeing blank data , When trying to remove blank using ISINSCOPE function the lowest hierarchy is not showing.


Please find out the expected file Here ,

For expected output I'm showing the data in different column without blank but I need to show the same data in same column.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Praiciya-13 


can you please try below measure


I have used below condition.


_Remove Blanks =


AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 1]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 1]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 2]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 2]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 3]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 3]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 4]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 4]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 5]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 5]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 6]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 6]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 7]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 7]))),BLANK(),

AND(ISINSCOPE(Sheet1[Level 8]),ISBLANK(VALUES(Sheet1[Level 8]))),BLANK(),

with visual level filter with 1.
Please check and let us know
Hope it works in your scenerio

Based on above measure blanks are removing but data's are not showing as expect to dataset


Please be find out the expected file Here ,

For the expected output I'm showing the data in different column without blank but I need to show the same data in same column.

Super User
Super User

Hi, I honestly did not understand what you need. you can show the result and how you applied the ISINSCOPE functions

As shown above image you can see the blanks in hierarchy that blanks I need to remove

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