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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

How to make intelligent filters - crossfiltering each other


As in graph, I got one fact table and quite few referential ones - My goal to achieve is to let one filter (lets say Country) filter a city within this country, so if someone select Ref_Country = Germany, he or she has only german cities, german brands and german products available for him or her. So all filters crossfilter each other. Is this achieveable? How?




Community Champion
Community Champion

@Pbiuserr it is achievable. 
The wrong way will be to use bi directional relationship. 
The right way will be to use a measure dedicated for filtering the slicers.
I'm sharing here a video you will be happy to watch:

And in any way you should make the city and country to 1 table and also the product and brand to 1 table and not like the photo you shared.


2022-05-19 17_30_22-Re_ Need help on DAX function with measure vs colu... - Microsoft Power BI Commu.png


SpartaBI_3-1652115470761.png   SpartaBI_1-1652115142093.png   SpartaBI_2-1652115154505.png

Showcase Report – Contoso By SpartaBI

It was just for the picture, for the clarity - in reality the filters are not tied to each other like City and Country, but I would not put there medical terms.
Anyway if I put them into 2 tables instead of 4, I will still need to apply the method from video, right?

@Pbiuserr ok then 🙂 that's good news 🙂
So just watch the video 🙂

Resolver IV
Resolver IV


You can try using cross filter direction as 'both' in the properties of your relationships in the data modelling tab



I was thinking about it initially. Will it work if there is no connection between lets say Ref_City and Ref_Product? Will choosing city "London" make only products available in London?


Does it have impact on calculations or not? or heavy impact on report performance?

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