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How to keep filters when changing bookmark

My problem is that I've created a report (page) which has several bookmarks with different visuals and one set of filters for the report. Is there a way to keep the filter when changing the bookmark and the visual on it?


Can't figure a way to do this but maybe you can help me out? 

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Hi Yes it is possible. In single plage if we have multiple bookmarks are needed and selected filters are consistent at user level in Power BI service following solution can be used.

Before updating bookmarks for respective state of the visual or page we have bookmarks options in the scrolllist following as 


 Just uncheck the Data option and update the  bookmark then it cannot effects on selected filters by the user  . Filters cannot change the state even if we switch to other bookmarks. 

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Ok a combination of answers here fixed my issue. I was updating my filters on my bookmark and then selecting the visuals and hitting the 3 dot update. Things worked great between 2 of my buttons but when I changed to my 3rd button\bookmark, it would change back. REASON - 3rd bookmark had "data" checked on the 3 dots. I removed it, all is working great now! And CTRL A I use in excel and never thought to use here! thanks for that also @Anonymous and thanks @Uzi2019  

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When you select the more options (3 dots) next to the bottom you see the option Selected visuals.

The Default option is all visuals. Change that


Next you select all visuals that you want affected by your bookmark and select the 3 dots and select update.


What i do is put my filters / slicers on top of my select list and the visuals / data below that. This way i can easily select the items i want to be affected with click and shift click.

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Here I would add that, if your filters are in the filters pane, before selecting the option "Selected Visuals" and updating, you also have to select all visuals on your page (CTRL + A). Then, with all visuals selected you can update your bookmark.


@Kosantti this should keep in place even the Top N filter.


Hope this is clear enough.

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Have you tried just leaving "page" and unselecting also visual on the bookmark settings?

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Power Participant


Hi @Kosantti 


You can change the property of bookmark by not selecting data field shown in follwing screenshot.



This might solve your problem. 

Please accept as a solution & kudos if it helps you.

Don't forget to give thumbs up and accept this as a solution if it helped you!!!

Hey   @Uzi2019 , I know this is 3 years ago, but THANK YOU!



Your solution has solved my issue. Thank you so much!




This solves my problem of keeping filters but unfortunately does not help me that much since each visual has specific setup (top 10, bottom 10, etc.) and these dissapear when I unselect data and change the bookmark.

Not sure if this would help, but have you tried using the "Edit Interactions" in the format tab? This can break the link between a selected filter and visual. Not sure about bookmarks though, I don't use them.

Unfortunately doesn't seem to be solution when working with bookmarks.

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @Kosantti,


You can go to the bookmark pane and with a right button click on top of the bookmark you want and unselect the data check, that would fix it.


Tell me if it worked, if so please mark as solution.




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