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Helper III
Helper III

How to fix colors for stacked bars values

Hi everyone!


I would like to ask you if there is any way with DAX to fix the colours of the stacked bar visualization. I know where is the menu and how to change the colors but the problem is a bit deeper:


The values of Situation column (FastBreak, Not Defined, Pick & Roll, With Ball and Without Ball) can change (and have other ones like OFF Screen) because the visualization shows the values for a specific date (the MAX Date) so, if a Situation value is not registered in MAX(Date), we can't see it on the visualization.


Is there any way to fix every value with a specific colour?


Thank you in advance. 




Helper III
Helper III

Hi @johncolley ,


Firstly, thank you for your reply. I was trying to create the measure as you texted me but, after creating it, I don't have the option to add the measure to any of the Stacked Bar options.


Additionally, bearing in mind it's a stacked bar chart, I don't have the option to go to the Color side and determine the colour based on a formula. 


Could you tell me, please, where should I add the measure once created?


Add you an image with the measure created.


Thank you for your time. Look forward to your reply.



Hi @sfernamer ,


Currently in Power BI you can't use the legend field and conditional formatting. If you were to remove the legend an option would appear for you to conditionally format the visual.


As workarounds you can try the solution here: or try a custom visual such as the 'xViz multiple axes chart' which allows conditional formatting and a legend.


You can also vote for this idea for the functionality to be included in power bi:


If this answer solves your problem please mark it as a solution!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @sfernamer ,


There is 2 ways you can address this:


1. Alter the filters on the visual so all categories are showing then set the colours - these selections will stay even when you filter to a specific date.


2. Set the colours with a measure:

Bar colour = 
Var _situation = SELECTEDVALUE (table[situation])
Var _result = SWITCH(TRUE(),
_situation = "Fastbreak", "Pink",
_situation = "Without Ball", "Yellow"
etc. )

You can also set the colours in the measure with a # value e.g #002060 for specific colours.


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