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How to display Power BI dashboards with Raspberry PI

Hello !


Power BI allows us to create dashboards, which is nice; but then, those dashboards are meant to be displayed, and in some cases it's better to display them on fixed screens that no one touches (to display warehouse inventory or company performance, for example).
But because a "classic" computer per screen can quickly become expensive, one may want to use a Raspberry Pi to handle this.
Power Bi is a Microsoft product, so one must use Windows to use the specialized applications, not the native Debian-based application ; the Power Bi application that allows for proper display of tables (full screen and changing page/refreshing every X seconds/minutes) is only available from the Microsoft Store.
Windows IoT, which allowed to use Windows on Raspberry, was only for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, but not Raspberry 4.
After some research, I found the Windows on Raspberry project which aims to port Windows 10/11 to Raspberry Pi 3 and 4, using an image of the OS. So I downloaded and mounted images of Windows 11 and 10 on two microSD cards without worries, I can launch Windows 10 and 11 on my Raspberry Pi and install in the Microsoft Store the Power BI application; however, when I launch the application, it tells me that I must first download Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to use the application. Except that the banner remains, even after downloading the application (if it wasn't already present in the system before that, in the case of Windows 11), purely and simply preventing me from using Power BI to display my dashboards (and the "Learn more" button in the banner redirects to an inaccessible page) (I made a post on the forum but it didn't allow me to make it work :
At this point, I don't know what to do, I didn't found much more helps from already existing topics, and I really need help on this. I spent several days for solutions that did not allow me to progress. If you who read these lines have a method to display tables properly with a Raspberry Pi 4, could you please share it with me ?


Thank you.

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We use Vuepilot, which I find to be an excellent service. It has a Raspberry Pi situation going on as well.

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We use Vuepilot, which I find to be an excellent service. It has a Raspberry Pi situation going on as well.

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I'll take a look at what it is, thanks a lot for your answer !

Edit : Everything works perfectly ! I'm currently using the free two-weeks period, I just need to see if my company is ok with it !

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