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How to convert a calculated table to a noraml table?

I have a calculated table created by DAX.


I want to convert it to a normal table.


How should I do?

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Resolver II



Well it is best in this case to create your calculated table using power query and not dax than you will be able to create your join


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Thanks, that was a great clue. I looked up how to create date tables in power query and it worked.

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I have a similar question. I have a calculated table as follows:

SampleDates = CALENDAR (DATE (2015, 1, 1), DATE (2015, 12, 31))
Now I need to merge this table with another table using an OUTER JOIN. In the other table the dates are not contiguous as in this calculated table. When I use Transform Data and try to create a Merge Query I do not see the calculated table listed. Instead only the tables I have linked from a data source are visible. What am I missing?
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I think you'll find that calculated tables become "normal" tables the moment you create them. If by calculated table you mean tables created using the "new table" function. (they are only loaded "once" - ie every time you open a report: in other words, they are not "dynamic").

They are however "dynamic" in the context of measures in the sense that they are affected by filter context etc..But there again, in measures the tables are created "virtually".


Why are you asking btw?

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Thank you.


I ask this question because I can't add a new Meausure based on the columns in a calculated table. An error: The value for 'XXX' cannot be determined. Either 'XXX' doesn't exist, or there is no current row for a column named 'XXX'. 

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