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How to calculate sum of a value over a period of 3 months + Current MTD & calculate share of an item



Hi have a table with a column with 14 months of data on parts. For my report I need to calculate the total of last 3 months + Month to data for the confirmed lines, Allocated lines. I also need to calculate the missing lines & the share of the missing lines of the total Confirmed lines that month (so not on the total of the last 3 months + month to date).

Next to that, when a specific month is selected the data must only reflect that months data and share.


I have managed to calculate the sum of the Confirmed lines, Missing lines with Calculate formulas, but the share is never represented in a correct way in the tabel.


I have tried several different ways, but I can't seem to find the correct way.


I welcome every input.


Below the desired outcome, and this needs to be reflected when only selecting 1 month are any other selection chosen (Part for example). This is an example in BI the conf lines and Alloc lines will not be shown.




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Thanks @Greg_Deckler ,


I have stripped the data as it is huge, but basically this is what I need to work on:

PART DATE Conf. Line Allocated Lines
A 2/06/2023 0:00 1 1
A 11/06/2023 0:00 1 1
A 23/06/2023 0:00 1 1
A 12/07/2023 0:00 1 1
A 31/07/2023 0:00 1 1
A 4/08/2023 0:00 1 1
A 23/08/2023 0:00 1 1
A 1/09/2023 0:00 1 1
A 4/09/2023 0:00 1 0
B 2/06/2023 0:00 1 1
B 11/06/2023 0:00 1 1
B 23/06/2023 0:00 1 1
B 12/07/2023 0:00 1 1
B 31/07/2023 0:00 1 0
B 4/08/2023 0:00 1 1
B 23/08/2023 0:00 1 1
B 1/09/2023 0:00 1 1
B 4/09/2023 0:00 1 1
C 2/06/2023 0:00 1 1
C 11/06/2023 0:00 1 0
C 23/06/2023 0:00 1 1
C 12/07/2023 0:00 1 0
C 31/07/2023 0:00 1 1
C 4/08/2023 0:00 1 1
C 23/08/2023 0:00 1 1
C 1/09/2023 0:00 1 0
C 4/09/2023 0:00 1 1


With this data I need to calculate the number of missing lines per part and I need to display the results in a table, displaying the missing lines and the share these missing lines have per part on the total confirmed lines of that specific month.

I also need to calculate the total of the last 3 month + current month to date and the total needs to display the share of the part on the total confirmed lines over the period.


Above I need to share the data of the confirmed lines over the total period.


I managed to get the total over the period, but when putting it in the tabel I can't seem to get the correct share over the total or per month (it seems to be on or the other which is correct).


I have tried calculate in combination with dates MTD, Datesbetween, no date logic in the dax, but can't seem to get the correct numbers.


I am very new to Power Bi, so I am a bit lost. Hope the above explains the issue better? 





Oh, And I only need to display the 10 worst parts. So the real totals are never displayed in the table.

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@Sarahdobbie You may find this helpful -

Also, see if my Time Intelligence the Hard Way provides a different way of accomplishing what you are going for.


Otherwise: Sorry, having trouble following, can you post sample data as text and expected output?
Not really enough information to go on, please first check if your issue is a common issue listed here:

Also, please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

The most important parts are:
1. Sample data as text, use the table tool in the editing bar
2. Expected output from sample data
3. Explanation in words of how to get from 1. to 2.

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