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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

How to Look at one row in a set and select other rows from which to extract fields for calculations

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help in selecting data from one row, using it to select data in another row, and then performing a calculation. We have contract data. Each contract can have multiple Main lines and then each Main line has corresponding Sublines. I need to take data from a specific Main line and find the first corresponding subline, and use data from it to perform a calculation.


Contract NumberLine Item NumberMaterial IDMaterialMain/Sub IndicatorLine Item Target QuantityLine Item Target Quantity UOMLine Item Target Value
41596100PN-C01522Maintenance Contract ServiceM1EA54815
41596110PN-C20155Contract 1.0 LaborS330.11STD54815.12
41596120PN-C20155Contract 1.0 LaborS1STD166.05
41596130PN-C20161Contract 1.5A OT LaborS1STD249.08
41596140PN-C20161Contract 1.5A OT LaborS1STD249.08
41596150PN-C20163Contract 2.0A OT LaborS1STD332.1
41596160PN-C20163Contract 2.0A OT LaborS1STD332.1


1. First I need to find Main/Sub Indicator = M that also has PN-C01522 and use the Line Item Target Value

2. Then, given the Main line that matches this criteria is line item number 100, find the next in sequence Sub-Line Item Number (in this case, 110), so Main/Sub Indicator = S and ensure the material ID is PN-C20155 and grab the Line Item Target Quantity of 330.11.

3. Then I want to divide the Line Item Target Value by the Line Item Target Quantity.


The results would look like this (1st row, based on the above):

Contract NumberLine Item Target ValueEntitlement QtyPer Unit


Anyone know some easy way to do this?

Community Support
Community Support

hi @Shelley 

Please try to create two measure as below:

Entitlement Qty = 
VAR _nextlinenumber=CALCULATE(MIN('Table'[Line Item Number]),FILTER(ALLEXCEPT('Table','Table'[Contract Number]),'Table'[Line Item Number]>MAX('Table'[Line Item Number]))) 
CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[Line Item Target Quantity]),FILTER(ALLEXCEPT('Table','Table'[Contract Number]),'Table'[Line Item Number]=_nextlinenumber))
Per Unit = DIVIDE(CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[Line Item Target Value])) ,[Entitlement Qty],0)



and here is sample pbix file, please try it.






Community Support Team _ Lin
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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

@Greg_Deckler Thank you! This appears to work, but our data is sketchy and so I need to make sure this is robust. Is there any chance, you could please explain what each expression is doing? I try to use the Microsoft reference docs, but they are usually impossible to understand in regards to application.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

@Greg_Deckler Thank you! Your suggestion seems to work for Item #1, but how do I do Item # 2? That is, how do I select the next Line Item Number in sequence (110) and then grab the Line Item Quantity from that row and only that row?

Super User
Super User

@Shelley - Seems like a measure with some straight-up FILTERs, like:


Measure = 
  VAR __Contract = MAX('Table'[Contract Number])
  MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Contract Number] = __Contract && [Main/Sub Indicator] = "M" && [Material ID] = "PN-C01522"),[Line Item Target Value])

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