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How do I enable two filters across different visuals, when only one Relationship can be set?



In my PBI report, I have 2 bar/line charts and 2 KPI visuals.  I would like to have Page filters that can filter below:

  Entity: Either APAC or EMEA

  MOP: Either Digital or Web


I am facing two problems:

  1) I would like the "Growth" numbers to show in % and "Revenue" in decimals.  I don't think this can be done if only one sheet of dataset is used?

  2) I would like both "Entity Name" and "MOP" filters to operate independently and able to affect all 4 visuals on a page level.  So the user has 4 combinations to view all 4 visuals (APAC+Digital, APAC+Web, EMEA+Digital, EMEA+Web).


I tried to fix problem#1 by having one page of dataset for "Growth" in % format, then have another page of dataset for "Revenue" in $$.  But this causes an issue with problem #2, because I can only create one relationship between the Data Sets: either "Entity Name" or "MOP", but not both.


Alternatively I can fix problem#2 by having both "Revenue" and "Growth" in one page of dataset, but the formatting will have to be either all in $$ or all in %?  Each column of data can only be either percentage or number?


How can I fix both problems together?  This would mean all "Revenue" is shown in decimal, all "Growth" is shown in %, and all 4 filters (APAC/EMEA/Digital/Web) can be toggled indepedently to affect all 4 visuals.




Thanks for any help.


Super User
Super User

@PBIMakesMeHigh , We can measure for Growth % and "Revenue" and that can have different formats.

if they are coming from two tables having many to many join consider a bridge table.


Also, consider a slicer or visual-level filter

Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.



Power BI- DAX: When I asked you to create common tables:

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