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How do I Count words in multiple columns



I want to know how to count how many times appear a word in each column: 


Example:  there are 4 columns with replacements of a device, I want to count hoy many times appear each word on the 4 columns,

and use it for a bar graphic that differentiate if 10 of 100 are "SOM", or 20 of 100 are "SD"

PD: Sorry for my english, thanks! 




Helper II
Helper II

Hello, I have a question about this too but didn't want to make a new post. My data:


How did you find the overall learning experience - Please select all that apply - max 4
thought provoking    ;practical ;empowering;inspiring;
easy to apply    ;practical ;empowering;relevant;
empowering;relevant;inspiring;thought provoking    ;
thought provoking    ;practical ;empowering;worthwhile;
thought provoking    ;empowering;relevant;worthwhile;
thought provoking    ; easy to apply    ;practical ;relevant;
thought provoking    ;practical ;relevant;worthwhile;
worthwhile;practical ;thought provoking    ; easy to apply    ;
thought provoking    ;practical ;relevant;worthwhile;
thought provoking    ;practical ;empowering;relevant;
thought provoking    ;practical ;empowering;relevant;
inspiring;reactive to audience;
thought provoking    ;empowering;worthwhile;relevant;


I applied the Split Columns by delimiter but now I want to show the word count totals in a chart. 


How do I count and merge 4 columns.


In the Split by Delimiter window, expand Advanced Options and select Rows.  Now all responses will appear in a single column.  You should now be able to build your chart.

Ashish Mathur
Super User
Super User


In the Query Editor, select all columns other than the 4 columns, right click and select "Unpivot Other Columns".  Drag the Values column to a Table/matrix visual and write this measure

Measure = countorws(Data)

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur
Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Could make a calculated column that does a check for each of the 4 columns for the word in particular if it contains it or not then marks it as a 1 so you can get a row total.


e.g. for the "SD" value


SD_Count =

var _Repuesto_1 = SUM(IF([Repuesto1]="SD",1,0))

var _Repuesto_2 = SUM(IF([Repuesto2]="SD",1,0))

var _Repuesto_3 = SUM(IF([Repuesto3]="SD",1,0))

var _Repuesto_4 = SUM(IF([Repuesto4]="SD",1,0))


That'd give you a calculated column count for SD, you could then repeat this for the other values you wanted to check. Then you could add each one to a visual

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