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How can I make bulk find and replace changes to measure and column names for new financial year

I'm about to include 2017 sales data in a dashboard. I have lots of instances where I want to show just the most recent year of data. I can set formulas to reference a measure where I feed in the latest year - this is fine.


What I can't work out how to do is change all my measure names which previously referred to 2016 en masse. e.g. I would want to change "2016 YTD sales" to "2017 YTD sales".


In Excel I could easily make titles and variable names dynamically refer to the latest year, but do I have to make these changes one-by-one in Power BI?


Hi @Steve88,

What's your formulas to reference a measure where I feed in the latest year? Could you please share the formala in Excel, so I test if it can be transfered to DAX formuma in DAX?

Best Regards,

Hi Angelina,


It's not the DAX formula I want to change (that already automatically picks out the latest year), it's the name of the measure. e.g. let's say I have several measures:


2016 Product 1 YTD Sales = [working DAX formula 1]

2016 Product 1 Market Share = [working DAX formula 2]

2016 Product 2 YTD Sales = [working DAX formula 3]

2016 Product 2 Market Share = [working DAX formula 4]


I want to be able to, e.g. find and replace all instances of "2016 Product" with "2017 Product" in the names of my measures.



Hi @Steve88,

Unfortunately, there is currently no functionality to do what you describe in both cases. We only change the measure name manually.

Best Regards,

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