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Highlighting and wrap text in multirow card



I'd like to visualize different problems occured during a store visit. I have 4 different problem categories, each one has a different column in the data field. So I'd like to show Problem A: xyzxyz... happened, Problem B: abcd happened, etc..

I did it like this:














First problem: Is it possible to highlight a row or the text when there's an actual problem, or to lowlight ( is this a real word?Smiley Happy ) when there's no problem?


Second problem: Is it possible to visualize Problem A somehow nicer, so we can see the whole text? As far as I know there's no direct "wrap text" in power bi yet, but any workaround maybe?


I'm also open to other visuals if you have a better idea.


Thank you!


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This may not apply to most people, as I was just trying to get a table to show my relevant text and wrap it, based on my selection. 


I tested a bunch of different visualizations, etc. 

I was only able to wrap my text in my box with one of the visualizations. Cards  (Little square with 123) did it for me.


Once you've selected the data you want in your card, go to the format section and turn on "Word Wrap".

Hope this helps. 

Not sure what version I'm on as it's a work account.


Community Champion
Community Champion



To get this kind of flexibility try the Card with States Custom Visual (and create 3 Cards in your case)


To read/learn more about it go here


You can also download it from here


Hope this helps.

Good Luck! Smiley Happy

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Hey, thanks for the quick answer!


Cards are just for numbers, aren't they?

I need to show texts, to see what's the problem. It counts the texts for me.

What am I doing wrong?


I'm still trying to figure it out, but no luck yet. Sorry, I'm pretty new to this.. Smiley Happy


Community Champion
Community Champion

How long is the text in these columns???


And to channel @MattAllington - I don't know if this is the best way to setup you data? (from the little I can gather)


But to answer you question yes you can use TEXT but you'll have to use a Measure to display it

As you can see you'll also need Color Columns for each so you can use them to determine the state of each card...

That's why you may have to re-shape your data

Card with States - TEXT.png


Good Luck! Smiley Happy



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What's your Problem A Measure here?


I'll answer your questions too, but I'd try this first 🙂

Community Champion
Community Champion

@mfaberI used this Measure for my example


Problem A Measure =
IF (
    HASONEVALUE ( 'Table'[Project] ),
    CONCATENATEX ( 'Table', 'Table'[Problem A], ",", 'Table'[Problem A], ASC ),
    "Select a Project"

Good Luck! Smiley Happy


Card with States - TEXT2.png

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I'm getting closer, but I got stuck.. Sorry for taking so much of your time 🙂


So, I'm doing a report about the product placements and image of our partners in different stores. There are some free style text boxes to fill on different viewpoints that we have to check, so it's like: Product placement problem: "There are other manufacturer's products on our table". Product pricing problem: "The price tags on the aisle show different prices than the ones on the webpage", Product stock problem: "No problem occured". I just made these up, but it's something like that. These are what I called Problem A, B and C.

In my data table every single visit is a different row, and every viewpoint is a different column, that's how my data is set up.

With the multi-row card I could show this like in the pics, I posted first, but it has a static background and font color, and I find it disturbing, that it's still red, while there's no problem occured. So I just need two different cases. When the text says "No problem", I'd like it to be green, everything else is red, as there are only problems listed in these fields.


Where I got stuck with your solution is that in the PA color measure, the SWITCH formula says it requires an expression with single values as a "single value cannot be determined", when I choose the column where Problem A-s are listed. But the same problem can happen multiple times, I'm gonna have hundreds of rows of data (visits).

The slicers gonna be set to show one single visit every time, so it doesn't have to show multiple visits.


Any idea? Smiley Frustrated


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