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Help with openning and closed balance

Hello all,


Would you be so kind and help me out with openning and closed balances?

I have 4 measures from 3 tables and 1 merge date table for months.


I struggle to find solution for openning and closed balance.


Many thanks.




Opening and closing balance.JPG


@AndrejZitnay , One month less should do


Opening balance = CALCULATE([All measure ],filter(allselected(Table),Table[Date] <=maxX(Table, dateadd(Table[Date],-1, month))))

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Super User
Super User

@AndrejZitnay , I am hoping you are using a common date table 


Sum of all the measures other then opening balance


All measure = [Measure from Table 1] + ....


Closing balance  = CALCULATE([All measure ],filter(allselected(Table),Table[Date] <=max(Table[Date])))


To get the best of the time intelligence function. Make sure you have a date calendar and it has been marked as the date in model view. Also, join it with the date column of your fact/s. Refer :radacad sqlbi My Video Series Appreciate your Kudos.

Hello @amitchandak ,


Can I have one follow up question?

I have my table for 3 years and at the end I'll end up with zero.

That's fine.


For another calculation I have to add together ClosingBalance & Monthly new.

(this is my base for series of important measures)


All my measures are fine on monthly basis but total for the year or overall 3 years doens't add up.


I think that comes with nature of Closing Balance Formula)

It is not possible to sum all motnhs together.


Is there some separate work around where I could sum my closing balances?
That will be just base of my follow up measurments.






Hello @amitchandak 


You are star.

I have my closing balance now.


How I can get opening balance?

I know that it should be closing balance from last month.





@AndrejZitnay , One month less should do


Opening balance = CALCULATE([All measure ],filter(allselected(Table),Table[Date] <=maxX(Table, dateadd(Table[Date],-1, month))))

Hi, I applied to my problem but i faced dependency problem. You use filter so i wrote my calculated closing balance (that depends on opeing balance with formulas) to a table as calculated column and try to find opening balance


thank you very much.

Much appreaciated.

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