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Help with modelling dynamic Row Level security

So I basically would like to have some guidelines in modeling since this is not looking as a star schema :). 

Basically I have in this picture (there are more tables):
Lookup RH - human resource information [Primary key = PersonId]
Lookup BU - Company Business Units / Departments. I used this as "Bridge Table", to avoid many to many between Row Level  Security Dinâmico and Combo Lookup.      [Primary Key = Department Name]
Matriz Riscos - Matrix Risk [Key = Project ID]
Combo Lookup - All Projects information (ID, Name, Business Unit, Client) [Primary Key Project ID]

Row Level Security Dinamico. For Row Level Security has the users and corresponding Departments.  [Key = Department Name]
Beebole TIme Export and Orçamentos - Revenue/costs /Budget info [key = Project Id]

Now I have to implement row level security based on client, and based on project (now is just based on Department). I wonder If I can take the same approach as with Row level security Dinamico. Thus creating Row Level Security Client --> Lookup Client(with clients info) --> Combo Lookup. And finally another Row level security Project --> Combo Lookup. Although I am afraid of having 3 bi directional paths...

I could create only one row level security table, with all the projects each user has access, but there are people who see full Departments and thus is more time consuming to input all the project for these (thats why I have used above the Business unit as filter which automatically encompasses the projects.





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@campelliann Have you reviewed this?

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