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Helper III
Helper III

Having difficulty with conditional formatting using a formula and both items are numbers

I'm trying to make a conditional formatting comparing two data points in order to reflect red if lower and green if equal or higher.


I created a column and wrote the forumual but DAX is telling me it won't support comparing number to text.  both columns identified are indeed numbers within the data set.


Any ideas?

='Day Model'[actual days]]=if('Day Model'[actual days]<'Day Model'[expected days] *I stopped writing formuala dude to the DAX error.


I solved this.  I rewrote the formula.  Thank you for your help!

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Solution Sage

No it will work. Please write complete DAX in you pbix and try if it shows error again then please let us know we will try to help you in this forum. 

Thank you.  Okay, I got it to display a response but I was looking to change the color of the "actual days" data point.  This just added a field to my data.  Should I not be using "New Column"?  I have the true / false as "1" and "2" to see if the formula worked.  I did received the 1's and 2's but not really the outcome I needed.


Thank you

You can use it either with 'IF' or 'SWITCH' functions. Please let me know the DAX of measure or column that you are writing. If I can modify it I will try to help you in that. 


Between please mark the relevant reply as solution so that others can reach there fast. Thanks. 

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Solution Sage

Can you please select actual days column and expected days columns and share the screenshot of what is its datatype in the column tools. 

Thanks for the reply. My report takes an average from all reporting entitites and has several related questions where we track actual vs expected.  


Here is the data table:



I solved this.  I rewrote the formula.  Thank you for your help!

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