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Responsive Resident

Get data via Power BI Desktop from excel/csv download link

On numerous times I've used Download links for Excel/csv files to automatically import data from a website that hosts excel files with great results.


However, sometimes the URL is hidden. Either way you can get the URL with some tricks using your Chrome/Edge/Firefox browser.


I managed to extract this URL:


If you click on the link you'll get a 5MB downloaded file or at leaste you're prompted for download. The file works 


If I open PBI Desktop - > Get Data -> Web and paste the URL in there then I was assuming it would work but instead I get scrambled data. Like so:




It doesn't matter what format I choose, none of them return readable data.

Is there some trick I haven't figured out yet and is out there?


You can easily open this 

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Why don't you use the exported file as data source instead? 

Save it somewhere on the cloud and you could either use the Excel/CSV connectors or the web link of the file (not the one from your post) with the Web connector?

Because I want to be able to automatically refresh the data straight from the source. Unless I'm missing something that you know about?

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Got it, that makes sense. I'm assuming it looks that way since the URL is meant for extraction & conversion. Can you share a picture of how you get that URL? I couldn't navigate easily on the web page as it is in other language. 

Download the file from (top right corner) and press CTRL+J for downloads. Right click and copy URL path from there

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I see, file is pushed via JSON which makes it a little bit more complicated to access. One workaround is to create an scheduled workflow in Power Automate to download everyday this file and upload it somewhere in the cloud, then use this file as data source. 

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