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Finding and notating if a table contains a specific string.

So essentially, I have 2 tables that are important, Table 1 (Master Table) of names and IDs and Table 2 which contains records of these individuals from Table 1. I have established a one-to-many relationship connecting these Tables by IDs.  I am now trying to figure out how I can filter Table 2 so that if, for example, ID1 contains record "z" out of the potential hundreds of rows pertaining to ID1 in Table 2, it does not matter whether "a-y" is there if the value is "z" then mark ID1 as to have "z" as its record on Table 1 (or Table 2 if that is a better way to do it).


If that is too vague, I can try to explain more.  I cannot really provide pictures as the information is private.  

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Hi @tmillerch ,


Please see attached sample pbix that does a lookup of a value in another table as long as it contains the lookup string (not an exact match). Otherwise, please post a sample data (not an image) and your expected results. If privacy is an issue, you can always anonymize it by substituting sensitive information with something else. The gist is that the sample data should best represent the actual data.

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