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Find average GPA for numerous couses

Hi everyone!  I'm fairly new to PowerBI.  I need help figuring out how to find the average GPA of a number of courses.  I'm sure there's a better way to do this but I started out by creating conditional columns that give me the point value of each grade for each course.  Now I need to get the average GPA for those classes.  Not every student has completed all of the necessary courses, so those are "null".  Here's a snip of the table I'm creating: 



So, each row has the students UID number followed by the courses needed to complete that degree.  I've only changed the letter grade to the point value on the first two courses so far.  If there's a better way to do that beside creating a conditional column for each, I'd love to know!  If not, I'll continue to create conditional columns for each course with the point value.  


Once that's done I need to calculate the GPA for each student.  Idealy, I'd like to show it at the end of each row as the "total".


I hope all of that makes sense! Any help is greatly appreciated!!  

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Share some data in a format that can be pasted in an MS Excel file.  Show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

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