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Filter a table visual using criteria

I have a table with a year column.

I'd like to only show rows that meet a criteria on that year column.


What I've tried:


Testing = FILTER(Table1, Table1[Year] = 2020))
This gives me: The expression refers to multiple columns. Multiple columns cannot be converted to a scalar value.
I'm probably approaching this in the wrong way, as measures are supposed to aggrgate to a singe value and I would like it to return a table/column. How do I filter my table and return it in a table visual?
Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @BI_Nooby ,
You can create a measure that aggregate the value for a specific condition and which you can use in visuals .
For example :-
Measure = SUMX(FILTER((Table1, Table1[Year] = 2020)),[Value])
Pratyasha Samal
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