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Field Parameter and Slicer Connection

i created parameter field that contains two fields and created relationship between main query and parameter, however when i use  field in main query as slicer it doesnt reflect on the parameter, so i have to make the slection from the parameter slicer itself:


what i was expecting is that matrix shows value in percentage or decimal based on my attribute selection since its connected with parameter but it only shows % or decimal when i make the selection from the parameter slicer

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Super User

@Zaytoon , why there is only on measure in the parameter? Share your measure formula something seem wrong



Power BI Field Parameters — A Quick way for Dynamic Visuals:
Power BI Field Parameters- Measure Slicer and Axis/Dimension slicer:


Power BI- Create dynamic slicers using field parameters:

Switch TOPN with Field Parameters:
Field Parameters- Conditional Formatting


Many Thanks Amit,


Measure =
DIVIDE(SUM('Table1'[Source 1]), SUM('Table1'[Source 2]))" the formula is the same for both measures however one is in % and another one in decimal.

they are actually 2 fields in the parameter, however only one appeared as i have relationship between the slicer that read from query and the parameter slicer
after clearing selection of slicer attribute both measures appeared. while i wanted one of them to get selected based on my attribute slicer selection


the below is the set relation between main query and parameter:





Hi @amitchandak  please let me know if any further details are required 🙂

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