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Resolver I
Resolver I

Featured Table not populating in Excel

Hello Community,

I have a table in my dataset which is not related to any other tables. This table has two columns: [Name] and [Brand].

Sample data:

name 1Brand 1
name 2Brand 1
name 3Brand 1
name 4Brand 1
name 5Brand 1
name 6Brand 1
name 7Brand 1
name 8Brand 1
name 9Brand 1
name 10Brand 1
name 11Brand 1
name 12Brand 1
name 13Brand 1
name 14Brand 1
name 15Brand 1
name 16Brand 2
name 17Brand 2
name 18Brand 2
name 19Brand 2
name 20Brand 2
name 21Brand 2
name 22Brand 2
name 23Brand 2
name 24Brand 2
name 25Brand 2
name 26Brand 2
name 27Brand 2
name 28Brand 2
name 29Brand 2
name 30Brand 2
name 31Brand 2

Name is both 'Row label' and 'Key' column.

I have aslso tried to create a concatenated col and use that as key col

The data type does appear in Excel but no matter what value from the table I type in there are no matches. No matter what I type in the cell no matches are found. I have tried all exact value from both columns as well as the concatenated key col.

I should be able to type in the row label value and retrieve data based on that, right?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Unfortuately no, I tried for a days time and then just gave up on using it.

Might revisit the feature sometime in the future and see if it works.

IMO it's a general trend for Microsoft when implementing Excel into anything modern, implementing gets let go half way through and then it's dropped when no one uses it. Excel sheets in PBI service being dropped as the prime example.

New Member

Hi Blanon, were you able to find a resolution for this? I am facing the same problem.

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