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Helper I
Helper I

Extract and search list and record

Hi all,


I am trying to extract  and search the List and Records from JSON column.


Here is my query steps so far and below is the explaination of one row



1. Here is the record for each row



2. In the each record there are few values.




3. I need to search only in the Notes. It is a 'List' .




4. In each list there are multiple records it can goup to 50.

In this example, there are 18 case notes left.


5. Here is the structure for each record. In the each record, I have to look for "Conversation with" row and need to search for a string "RTB", if 'RTB' existing then the original row it should display 1. In this example, 63207 should have 1



Can I get some guidance to proceed further pls?





Super User
Super User

I think you can add a new custom column along the lines of

if List.MatchesAny( [CaseJson][Notes], each _[ConversationWith] = "RTB") then 1 else 0 end

The syntax may not be quite right but I think the general principle will work

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