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Helper I
Helper I

Export data with user comments or automatically create bookmarks when exporting data?

Hi all,


Structure of the report:

I have a dashboard with various visuals and a data table at the end of the report displaying the underlying data the visuals are based on. As users interact with the visuals, this data table updates to show the "raw" transaction lines related to the selections made on the visuals earlier. 


I have a power automate button next to the table which, once clicked, exports the displayed transaction lines to a CSV file on user's desktop. Users can also hold CTRL and select specific lines from the table before clicking the export button - this way, only the selected lines will be exported.



I am looking to build upon this functionality a bit more! What I want to do is give users a neater way to select specific rows to export, e.g. by adding a column which contains "check box" to mark selections.


Additionally, I am looking for a way to capture user input prior to exporting the data. I want the users to be prompted to enter a reason as to WHY they are selecting a specific rows - this is because its easier for any user to later forget the rationale for the selection and I want this to be captured at the time of data exportation.


So ideally, I would like a pop-up to emerge when users click "export", requiring them to define a rationale. And i want this rationale to be included in the exported CSV file.

Alternatively, I have noticed that a published power Bi report allows comments / bookmarks to be made. I wonder if its possible to automatically generate a bookmark along with user's comments the moment they press export? This way, they will not only have a CSV file of selected samples, but also a bookmark ready to revisit the specific selections they made in order to arrive at the sampled data.


Any tips / suggestions on achieving the desired results?






Super User
Super User

a power automate button next to the table which, once clicked, exports the displayed transaction lines to a CSV file on user's desktop

Please explain how you are doing that. Are you transporting the filter context through the Power Automate visual? Are you running a DAX query in Power Automate Cloud? Are you using OneDrive?


None of your other requirements are even remotely achievable.  Power BI is lacking basic data write back functions.  Users can enter comments but those disappear into a black hole, only to be seen by report developers in the workspace (if they remember to look).  You can consider PowerApps visuals to capture and process user feedback but the UX is beyond awkward.


If this is important to you please consider voting for an existing idea or raising a new one at

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