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Error when i refresh data in PowerBi Desktop

I am not sure how to debug these errors. Is there a log to view? Unless someone has any idea as to what it is. In the applied steps i deleted "reordered columns", "kept errors", "added index" then applied and closed. Still getting the issue. Any help would be great!



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In the left Queries pane of the 'Edit Queries' window, there will be a new query that will have a dated log of that error report.  It will operate similar to the other power queries you have, where you can step through it and see what is wrong.

EDIT:  Actually i can see it in your screenshot.  Look at the very top query.

So this is the query (when i open advanced editor)


Source = #"labtech v_xr_computers",
#"Added Index" = Table.AddIndexColumn(Source, "Row Number" ,1),
#"Kept Errors" = Table.SelectRowsWithErrors(#"Added Index", {"UserID", "ReportCompanyName", "ClientID", "ClientName", "ClientCompany", "ClientArea", "LocationID", "LocationName", "LocationArea", "ComputerID", "ComputerName", "ComputerFriendlyName", "ComputerRoles", "ComputerFormFactor", "ComputerIsServer", "ComputerIsVirtual", "ComputerChassisType", "ComputerOSType", "ComputerOS", "ComputerServicePack", "ComputerServicePackName", "ComputerOSFullVersion", "ComputerAssetTag", "ComputerSerial", "ComputerManufacturer", "ComputerModel", "ComputerMAC", "ComputerLocalIP", "ComputerRouterIP", "ComputerDomain", "ComputerDNSInfo", "ComputerLTVersion", "ComputerDateOSStart", "ComputerDateAddedLT", "ComputerDateLastContact", "ComputerUsername", "ComputerUptime", "ComputerCPUSpeed", "ComputerCPUUsage", "ComputerRAMSize", "ComputerRAMFree", "ComputerDriveSize", "ComputerDriveFree", "ComputerShares", "ComputerFlags", "ComputerContactID", "ComputerContactName", "ComputerContactArea", "ComputerAVScannerName", "ComputerAVAPSetting", "ComputerAVVirusDefs"}),
#"Reordered Columns" = Table.ReorderColumns(#"Kept Errors", {"Row Number", "UserID", "ReportCompanyName", "ClientID", "ClientName", "ClientCompany", "ClientArea", "LocationID", "LocationName", "LocationArea", "ComputerID", "ComputerName", "ComputerFriendlyName", "ComputerRoles", "ComputerFormFactor", "ComputerIsServer", "ComputerIsVirtual", "ComputerChassisType", "ComputerOSType", "ComputerOS", "ComputerServicePack", "ComputerServicePackName", "ComputerOSFullVersion", "ComputerAssetTag", "ComputerSerial", "ComputerManufacturer", "ComputerModel", "ComputerMAC", "ComputerLocalIP", "ComputerRouterIP", "ComputerDomain", "ComputerDNSInfo", "ComputerLTVersion", "ComputerDateOSStart", "ComputerDateAddedLT", "ComputerDateLastContact", "ComputerUsername", "ComputerUptime", "ComputerCPUSpeed", "ComputerCPUUsage", "ComputerRAMSize", "ComputerRAMFree", "ComputerDriveSize", "ComputerDriveFree", "ComputerShares", "ComputerFlags", "ComputerContactID", "ComputerContactName", "ComputerContactArea", "ComputerAVScannerName", "ComputerAVAPSetting", "ComputerAVVirusDefs"})
#"Reordered Columns"


Not sure what the error is though. Or what it is trying to tell me to fix. My repot is still updating but the refresh still gets the same error. 

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When you click on the error log queries, look into the Data view and look out for the fields with "Error" in them.  Clicking on the error gives you error messages.

I am getting a similar error when I import a SharePoint list and the error query seems to be applying the following steps; 


Source - the source data/list

Added Index - adds an additional Indexed column

Kept Errors - it appears to me that every column has an error??

Reordered Columns - moves the new Indexed column to the first postion


When the SharePoint list is already indexed by default with unique ID for each row why is this error appearing on some lists but not one others list from the same SharePoint site. Has anyone come across this?

SourceSourceAdded IndexAdded IndexKept ErrorsKept ErrorsReordered ColumnsReordered Columns

The errors have gone once I went back to the table in Edit Queries and formatted the columns to a number or text, etc so it appears Power BI throws up these errors when data type in each column is not defined correctly. 

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