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Error in PowerBi Measure



I am new to PowerBI, however I have found this weird behavior in just a few of my calculated values which gives me wrong total value. 


I have a measure called Royalty Amount based on this formula: 

Royalty Amount =
        'InvoiceData'[Royalty Sales] * 'InvoiceData'[Royalty Rate]
  • The Royalty Rate is a decimal number formatted to display four decimal places, and the column in the query is formatted identically. This precision is crucial for accurate calculation results.

  • However, I've noticed a discrepancy in the calculation for a specific customer, affecting certain product codes. I've attached a screenshot illustrating the miscalculation for your reference based on the formula above: Sales*Rate = Royalty Amount. 




I am only getting these miscalculations for the products of one specific customer. I am not sure if it is a rounding issue but I have tried countless things and still haven't gotten to the root of the problem. If you have any advice or any guidance, I would highly appreciate it. 

Super User
Super User

If you add the caclulated column to the table then sum it up, does it give you the number you are expecting?

Super User
Super User

Go to your 'InvoiceData' table and filter just to one of the customers that is giving the unexpected result.  My bet is, there are one or more lines where the Royalty Rate is something other than 0.0475.

Your SUMX is the same as adding a calcualted column to the 'InvoiceData' of 'InvoiceData'[Royalty Sales] * 'InvoiceData'[Royalty Rate] then putting a SUM over that calculated column.

I followed your advise and filtered for that one customer but all Royalty Rates for that specific customer, the invoices, and the highlighted products show 0.0475. 😞

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