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Equity Trading challenge

Good day all!

We have a use case I'm not sure is possible with power bi but thought I would ask before we code it manually.


We have a recommendation engine looking at the entire stock market every few minutes running on python, this write table that has a matrix visual connected to it that is updated every minute or so on premium capacity.  There are a group of traders that are watching this (among other things) and they want to in some way highlight a specific equity(s) for everyone else on the team to look at before they decide to buy.   So all the other traders would somehow be alerted to something another trader liked to review.


I honestly have no idea how to do this.  Maybe two Matixes, the top one full with hundreds of rows of equities and the bottom empty, we want to copy or move or duplicate in some way one row from the top matrix to the bottom matrix. Or any other ideas you have to highlight the equity(s) so everyone can be aware instantly that we want to buy.  Think of it as a wish list that of the hundreds of recommendations the ones that have been reviewed get moved to the wish list. And then can be removed from the wish list as well when they buy or decide not to.


Is this even possible on power bi?


Thanks for your time and ideas!

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

@UpNorth  Thanks for sharing your query.


1. For your use case, you can create a dashboard with KPI and set alert. However, the alerts are checked once a hour or after 24 hours. Snapshot below:


2. Second, I can think of your Power Automate to check the value every minute/second as per requirement and then you can set alert using email or if their are any messaging service for your client. I believe you can integrate that.

Will let you know if I come across anything else.

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Good Luck 👍


Thank you ghoshabhijeet,  the challenge is that we display in a matrix in rank order the equitys we recommend buying then user input identifies which ones move to the wish list.  eg. clicking, dragging, checking, highlighting,  ....  something.  thats the part we are stuck on.

@UpNorth Thanks for your reply !


I am afraid there is no ready solution available in Power BI that I know of or if its there, I am not aware of. Will let you know if I come across anything.

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