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Dynamic visuals based on Year Slicer

I have been trying to do this for the last few hours and can't figure out how. I have three data tables:

Budget Table, Actual Table and Calendar Table. Budget and Actual have a relationship to Calendar Table by date. 

I created a slicer for Calendar Year; filtered on Year greater than or equal to 2023. 

In my visual, if I click on 2023 then I want all months to show up, if I click on 2024 then I only want current month + past months to show up. 

Is this possible?

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Current month would be month that we are in. So if I click on 2024, I would want to see Jan, Feb and Mar actuals/budget. Next month, would want Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr to show in my visuals for 2024. 

Are all your users in the same timezone?  If not then you risk having a discrepancy in the report when for some users it is already April 1 and for others it is still March 31

Yes, all users are in the same time zone. I will also be adding a note that any dates are in EST.. 

I mainly want to do this so that my users aren't seeing all upcoming months with no "Actual Sales" so there's no big freakout when they see -100% for variance of actual vs budget.  

You mean EDT  ?  🙂


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sure, if you can define what "current month"  means?

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