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Advocate I
Advocate I

Dynamic titles don't work in slicer if title measure depends on value selected in slicer

Hi all,
I have a weird issue - dynamic titles don't work for slicers if title measure depends on this exact slicer value. In order to show the issue I created the most simple pbix file which has only 1 table with 1 column "Number" with 3 values: 1,2,3. And a simple measure:
Title = if ( Selectedvalue (Table[Number]) = 1, "One is selected", "Smth else is selected").

This "Title" works fine if added to card as value and even if added as dynamic title to card. But it doesn't work as dynamic title for Slicer in which I am changing [Number] value. Below gif to show the issue.
And .pbix file can be found here: Test .pbix file

Wtf??! small.gif

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy


I had a similar issue. It's fixed after adjusting measure format to text. 

How is the deatiled discussion.

Yes formating to text works for me too - some examples:

For 3 digit number

Measure1 = FORMAT(CALCULATE(DIVIDE([My_Measure],COUNT('Date'[Date])),'Date'[Week Type]="Week2"),"000")
For 2 decimals:
Measure2 = FORMAT(CALCULATE([Measure5],'Date'[Week Type]="Week3"),"00.00")
For Variance:
Measure3 =   FORMAT([Hours LOST -1week]-[Hours LOST -2nd week],"▲0.00;▼-0.00")
Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @pirdim ,

Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Create measure.

Flag =
ISINSCOPE('Table'[Number]),"no",FORMAT( SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[Number]),0))

2. Click on Card Graphics – Format – Title – Title text – fx.


3. Enter the Title text – Title interface. Select [Flag].


4. Result:



Best Regards,

Liu Yang

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hi @v-yangliu-msft ,

Thanks for reply but I'm afraid you are answering not the questing I asked. In your example you create a measure which will show number in CARD measure depending on filter. But I never specified I had an issue with card visual title, neither that I need to see a number as title. @Arul previously pointed on post where similar issue was discussed and apparently you simply cannot add dynamic for source visual. In my case - I wanted title of SLICER to be changed depending on selected items in this very slicer.

Super User
Super User

@pirdim ,

You can do it for other target filter visuals but not on source filter visuals.

You can refer this community thread for more clarification on this as this is an issue reported by some other users as well. 




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hi @Arul . thanks for reply. Unfortunately I didn't find this thread when I was doing my research so I decided to make a separate post. Probably because I was specifically looking for "title" issue but thread's issue is very similar indeed. I am really surprised it's not working for source filter visuals. 

Same problem here.

On the same slicer, i'd like to display the title :

- "Please select a year" with a red background if nothing is selected from that slicer

- "Year selected :" with no background colour if a year has been selected




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