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Dynamic slicer based on relevant activity in fact tables with consideration to other dim tables



I have a model in which I have 3 dim tables and 2 fact tables outlined below;



Date : custom calender,  below “Custom time period from date (dim)” slicer and page filter “Last_3_LPs”

Campaigns: simple campaign dimension splitting activity into different campaigns, below “campaign id from campaigns (dim)”

Team: Distributing activity based on a classic parent/child hierarchy, below page filter “team_filter team (dim)”.


Results: Sales table in the below example used to sum “*Sales”. This tables have got relationships to all 3 dim tables.

Checkins: table loging user checkins (or workdays if you will), used to count “*FD”. This tables have got relationships to all 3 dim tables.


My problem:

I would like to reduce the amount of content in “campaign id” slicer based on the page filters (coming from different dim tables). As well as the selection in “custom time period” slicer. Essentially taking into consideration the activity from my 2 fact tables under the filtering of my page filters and slicer. The result should be to only display the campaign ids in which there are either “’Sales” or “*FD” in selected team and custom time period.








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Hi @StormGroup ,


Can you please post a workable sample dat(not an image) and your expected result from that? This would make it easier for anyone to help since they have something to work on.

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