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Dynamic XYZ Analysis

Good Afternoon All,


 I recently been creating a data model using the dynamic abc classification on dax patterns, as well with the help of the powerbi community. I am now turning my attention towards creating a data model that does the same for xyz analysis, I have tried changing some of the measures from the ABC model however I am still not getting the results that the ABC model would give. I was just wondering whether any of you guys had any experience on making such a model for xyz analysis?, from what I have been reading there has been a limited amount of work done into this type of analysis using dax and powerbi. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Many Thanks,



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What is mean BLANK ащк XYZ Classification in your formula?

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Hi @Mack1int,

I read that you did the ABC dynamic analysis. I might ask you if you could share the file or explain how you did it?
I am also doing that analysis and I can't get out of it and I will have to do the xyz analysis as well.


Thank you

Resolver III
Resolver III

I have realization of xyz analysis for retail. If you share your sample file, I will try to help you.

My formula of XYZ Measure:


XYZ :=
VAR CalcTable =
        SUMMARIZE ( 'Retail Sales'; 'Calendar'[Month] );
        "QuantityByMonth"; CALCULATE ( SUM ( 'Retail Sales'[Quantity] ) )
VAR Variation =
    DIVIDE (
        STDEVX.P ( CalcTable; [QuantityByMonth] );
        AVERAGEX ( CalcTable; [QuantityByMonth] )
    IF (
        ISBLANK ( Variation );
        BLANK ();
        IF ( Variation > 0,4; "Z"; IF ( Variation > 0,2; "Y"; "X" ) )

You can change grouping Month to you need. Hope this help you.

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What is mean BLANK in your formula?

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