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Helper I
Helper I

Dynamic Calculated Measure



I have two tables below one from salesforce - opportunity and one from excel 




I wanted to create a dynamic measure base on a slicer which will be from the excel table and multiply the value to the opportunity table 


so for example, if the slicer is set to commodities at 2/5/2021 then I want the equation for 2021 assumption to multiply the filtered values :


if ('Opportunity'[Commit_Upside__c] = "Booked", 'Opportunity'[ToUSD-Positive-License_Cost__C] * sum('2021-Assumptions'[Booked%]),
if ('Opportunity'[Commit_Upside__c] = "Commit", 'Opportunity'[ToUSD-Positive-License_Cost__C] * sum('2021-Assumptions'[Commit%]),
if ('Opportunity'[Commit_Upside__c] = "Upside", 'Opportunity'[ToUSD-Positive-License_Cost__C] * sum('2021-Assumptions'[Upside%]),
if ('Opportunity'[Commit_Upside__c] = "Potential", 'Opportunity'[ToUSD-Positive-License_Cost__C] * sum('2021-Assumptions'[Potential%]),
if ('Opportunity'[Commit_Upside__c] = "Pipeline", 'Opportunity'[ToUSD-Positive-License_Cost__C] * sum('2021-Assumptions'[Pipeline%]), 0)


Is it possible?


So far Ive gotten to

Division Factor =
VAR SelectedDivision = SELECTEDVALUE( '2021 Assumptions'[Division] )
VAR SelectedDate = SELECTEDVALUE( '2021 Assumptions'[Date] )
VAR myFilteredTable =
'2021 Assumptions',
'2021 Assumptions'[Date] = SelectedDate,
'2021 Assumptions'[Division] = SelectedDivision
SUMX( myFilteredTable, if (CALCULATETABLE(Opportunity,Opportunity[Commit_Upside__c]) = "Booked"), SUM('Opportunity'[Positive_Services_Amount__c USD]) * sum('2021 Assumptions'[Booked%]),
if (CALCULATETABLE(Opportunity,Opportunity[Commit_Upside__c] = "Commit"), SUM('Opportunity'[Positive_Services_Amount__c USD]) * sum('2021 Assumptions'[Commit%]),
if (CALCULATETABLE(Opportunity,Opportunity[Commit_Upside__c] = "Upside"), SUM('Opportunity'[Positive_Services_Amount__c USD]) * sum('2021 Assumptions'[Upside%]),
if (CALCULATETABLE(Opportunity,Opportunity[Commit_Upside__c] = "Potential"), SUM('Opportunity'[Positive_Services_Amount__c USD]) * sum('2021 Assumptions'[Potential%]),
if (CALCULATETABLE(Opportunity,Opportunity[Commit_Upside__c] = "Pipeline"), SUM('Opportunity'[Positive_Services_Amount__c USD]) * sum('2021 Assumptions'[Pipeline%]), 0)
But this doesn't seem to work.

Thanks so much in advance

Super User
Super User

@powerbiwork First, use a SWITCH or SWITCH(TRUE()...) statement instead of IF statements. Second, seems like you would want to base that SWITCH statement on the value in your slicer, SelectedDivision 

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@Greg_Deckler  thank you I will give that a try.



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