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Duplicating and filtering columns

I'm new to Power BI and still trying to wrap my head around it. I have a column that I'd like to duplicate and keep in the same pbix. This column holds values indicating if an account is paid, free, or niether. The goal is to show visuaizations indicating each status (like a line chart for each status and another showing paid vs free.


When I've duplicated the column when I import the data from a local SQL server and filter it, the colmuns show the same filtered value. I'm trying to get ech column to show each distinct value - One column is called Paid and shows Paid accounts, a second column is called Free and shows Free accounts, and a third colmun called Niether shows accounts that aren't paid or free. I'm not sure where to go on this one. I'm stilllearing POwer BI and DAX. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Use ALL () function to ignore the filter on the base column.


New_Column= ALL( Table1[Column1])


Hope this helps.




Thanks for the reply and help, I appreicaite it! Unfortunately Power BI throws an "A table of multiple values was supplied where a single value was expected." message. Even when I filter for just one value (0,1, 99) before creating the new column.

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Can you post sample data or sample PBI file with expected outcome.



Here's an image, wasn't able to upload a pbix. Thanks




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Oh, got it . You are doing this in Power Query and i was talking abt DAX. Obviously, if you apply filter in one column the other columns also will have the same value as its simply the copy of the original column.


If you want to have do this only in Power Query - you need to copy the source table and have 3 different sources and apply the filter in each table . So, you will have a Paid Table, Free Table and Neither Table.


If you want to handle this in DAX calculation , then you can use the ALL() and FILTER()  & CALCULATE() as needed for your requirements.


Hope this helps.




Thanks Raj! I'll work  on figuring itout

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