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Discrepancies between the report in Power BI desktop and the same published in web service

Good afternoon
A very strange thing happens to me with a report, to see if someone can help me because I am lost.
I update it in the Power BI desktop and it gives me the right data. I publish it to service web and it changes the data in a visual ??? I have used both a standard GW and a personal GW and both reproduce the problem.
I have checked the data in the tables of both the desktop and the published report (via export to xls) and they are the same. In other words, data imports are successful.
The problem seems to be in a conditional column that works fine on the desktop, but not on the web service, but I don't understand why.
= Table.AddColumn(#"Se expandió cdm_botes_atlas", "area_responsable2", each if [cdm_botes_atlas.clasificacion_ipe] = null then [area_responsable] else [cdm_botes_atlas.clasificacion_ipe])
I have the desktop and GW updated to the latest version of May that came out a few days ago.
The truth is that I don't know what to look at anymore, so all help is appreciated.

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