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Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Disable selection of a visual

I am trying to "beautify" some reports by adding rectangles, lines and images. Can I set up these elements not to be selectable by the users? For instance if I place a rectangle as a page frame and if the user selects it, the rectangle gets the focus and one cannot select any of the other visuals on the page.


Thanks, @Seth_C_Bauer. I have posted the idea here.

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You can also add a transparent shape object to cover the shape you don't want to be selected. Such that when clicked, the transparent object is activated, not the other shape. 

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really nice idea, though this won't solve the problem with mobile version as you can't move objects on top of other objects.


Any ideas how to go around this?





Advocate II
Advocate II

I am still not sure how this can be acheived.  Can someone provide more detail solution? I disabled the headers, but the widgets are still selectable and can pop up to the front hiding other widgets behind it.

Ok I figured out the workaround.  Since it is disabling selection of visual is not possible, use the shape widget to build the background of a filter pop up but add a bookmark action to the background shape widget where it will show the book mark page you want to show.  So even when the background is clicked the action will take you right back to the screen with all widget showing the correct Z axis and the background shape will never be able to come forward. I will post up a sample pbix file if my description is not clear here. Let me know, and hope this helps.

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I wanted to completely lock out the visual interaction so i didn't bother with a bookmark and this worked great.

@jinma78,Thank you for saving our time. your solution is brilliant. Thanks.

well done. so simple. once i read your post i felt like a goon. just too good.

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Good workaround. Fixes the problem.

You cannot disable selection, but you can use Arrange in the ribbon to send those objects all the way to the back.

Thanks for the reply, however this is not a solution - you can send the element to back but the user can (incidentally or not) select it and this brings the element to front.

You can select your object. Then from the Properties Panel, enable the "Maintain layer order" option.

@Tsanka Yeah, I like your idea, and I agree you should have more control over the shapes as permanent background pieces.

You can do a couple things now to get "close" to what you want.

You could make the shape, and have the "top" visual cover it completely. That way the user can't click on it.

Use the new BackGround color formatting to change the entire page color. (Click on any part of the page (not visual) and click the paintbrush. you may already know about this.


Other than that, submit an idea - I'd vote for it.

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has this issue been sorted out?

i have similar problem, i don't want my users to click on any of the elements in the matrcs i have created, selection should be disabled.


let me know any help on this

Yes, now you can achieve this by setting the visual header options

I don't see this anywhere in the article you cited. There does not appear to be a visual header setting that would make the shape unclickable. Can you be more specific? 

Thanks, @Seth_C_Bauer. I have posted the idea here.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hey guys,


I also like the idea. Especially in reading mode it should not be possible to select the text boxes / rectangels etc. at all. You got my Vote! 😉



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