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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Different value of calculated column in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service



I have a calculated column that calculates a price in Power BI Desktop. It works correctly.

However, after publishing the same report and dataset to Power BI Service I get different values!

See an example below:



I'm using the latest version of PBI Desktop.


Is this a bug? Can anyone help?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @webportal,


What is the data source of your file?

I suspect it is happening becauase your power bi dekstop file is not refreshed and when you hit publish, it refreshes the report automatically on service. Thats why there is a mismatch.


If above is not the sceanrio in your case, please share the measure formula you have used to create this.


Prateek Raina

Hi @prateekraina, thanks for your support.


The data source is a MySQL database. It can't be a matter of differences in refreshing because the dataset is the same in Desktop and Service. The difference is in a calculated column. It returns different values!


Here's the DAX expression for the column:


Preço correto = 
('order_product'[order_product_price]*(1-RELATED(nomes_produtos[comissao_perc]))-RELATED(nomes_produtos[comissao_fixo])) / 'order_product'[Câmbio]
    - order_product[DescontoProporcional]

Well, this is weird. Becuase calculated column doesn't behave like this untill and unless you have dependency on a Datetime value computed through calcuated column.


I would still insist you to refresh your Power BI desktop file.

Also, Is there any chance that you could share the pbix so that i can repro the issue at my machine?


Prateek Raina

Yes, this is indeed weird, and I suspect it is a bug.
The calculated column returns the correct value in Desktop and the wrong in Service.
Both have been refreshed and looking at the tables I can see the data imported from MySQL is the same.
Unfortunately, I can't share the Pbix file with you as it contains sensitive data.

Well, in that case i would suggest you to raise a support ticket with the team if you have Pro License.
If not, then you can raise an issue but they would ask the repro steps which unortunately you won't be able to provide.


Meanwhile, try to rewrite the calculated column in a simpler way. Avoid using RELATED and then see the results.


Prateek Raina

I do have a Pro license, but can't find out where the support ticket button is located, must be hidden somewhere...
Do you know?

HI @webportal


Refer this page.


Prateek Raina

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