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Dax function to display which relative date filter parameter is used

I have a table of data regarding each user and their login datetime. In my report, I am showing the no. of logins in a column respective to each user in a table by counting the login datetime. There are four buttons(Today,This week,This month,This year) and four bookmarks which are filtered using the relative date filter from the filter panel. By clicking on the buttons, the respective bookmarked(filtered) tables are displayed.

The no. of login column has a custom tooltip which will display "No of logins for <Today/This week/This month/This year>" according to each bookmark page.
Here I need a dax function which will show the above message.
I tried my best and searched for an answer but couldn't find a dax formula to display the relative date filter parameter(day,week,month,year)


Sample table

NameStatusNo of LoginsRoleEmail


Expected answer
If the report is on Today bookmark page: No of logins for Today
If the report is on This week bookmark page: No of logins for This week
If the report is on This Month bookmark page: No of logins for This Month
If the report is on This year bookmark page: No of logins for This year


Please ask for any additional information on this.

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Your are welcome...

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I think this video could help you

The video helped me get to my solution..Thank you for that.

I did some modification in my report where I inserted a column with these four words and added a slicer with that column. In each bookmark the respective words are selected and updated the bookmark. Then I hid the slicer from my report. Now with the "selectedvalue" dax function, the desired output is acheived.

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