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Date comparison of parameter in Paginated Report

Hi.  I have a simple paginated report against a dataset.  I created a query parameter against a date field in the dataset.  I set a filter on the dataset to filter the result set such that the report will bring back data where the date field in the dataset is equal to the date selected in the parameter.  The report works fine.  But when I change the dataset filter  from '=' to something like '<' or '>' , the report is always empty even though there is data for prior and later months.  I added the date field and the parameter to the report just so I can see what is being compared, and it looks fine.  The parameter shows '6/30/2022 12:00:00 AM', and the date field shows as '6/30/2022 12:00:00 AM'.  Hence, they look the same to me, but if I change the filter to anything other than '=' the result set is empty.  The parameter is defined as date/time, and the date field in the data set is defined as date.  I thought maybe I need to redefine it as date/time in the dataset, but it works for the filter set to '='.  Any ideas?  This sounds simple but frustrating.

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@amitchandak thanks for the response and the video link.  However, is there a way to do this without having to create a PBI report to pass dates to the paginated report?  i.e, can't the paginated report itself be set up such that the user selects the date in the dropdown?  It works for me this way when the filter is set to =, but not when I change the filter from = to < or to >.  Thanks

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@139068 ,

refer if this can help

Create a date range parameter with Power BI Paginated Reports

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