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Helper II
Helper II

Data refresh error while refreshing a table in a report on Desktop

Hi, I had a working report on Desktop and Service. I went to refresh my report in desktop as no gateway is setup for the database. And I started showing me below error message. I login to SqlServer using my windows credentials. 

Can you find what is wrong here? 

I tried clear Permissions, Edit Permissions (Credentials type -Windows, Organizational Account, Encyption, Privacy Level etc) but nothing works. Is there any article on when to use which type?

The rows from the table on the report just disappears and never comes back when I hit refresh query. 





If I pick Encypt Connection then below pop up show up but in no ways data shows in my table.



Thanks !


Super User
Super User

have you tried deleting and republishing?

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Proud to be a Super User!

Thanks for your reply. I have not as problem is in desktop file. I need refreshed data and as soon as I refresh my table visual is totally blank. For now removed and added the source again which worked. I'm afraid about future when password changes again as I'm not able to setup refresh through gateway as I used Sharepoint Online. 

Helper II
Helper II

Hey @PBInewbie21 
Can you please try using Microsoft or Database Credentials  instead of windows credentials?

Also I found a similar case as yours

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Best Regards
Jay Patel
iXpert Analytics

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I tried changing all the options but my table on visual stays blank. I went and checked data in data table and see new data in there but no change on visual.

Thanks for the link to another question too. I see last comment says they ended up changeing the connection tpe to windows. I have same one. Bigger confusion is when do I use which connection type?


Here is an article about authentication types. In my understanding, the access limitation (if there is any) of every authentication type is determined by the data source side. Power BI plays a role as a client like other client tools used to connect to the data source.

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