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Data not showing up in table visual but exists in data view

The visuals in my dashboard are blank when I select "Shortage-New" from my "Type" slicer. All other slicer options populate the appropriate data. 
Data does exist for this selection in the data view but does not show up on the dashboard visuals. I do not have any filters in place that would limit this selection. 
Any insight as to what could be causing the disconnect from data view to dashboard on this particular slicer selection?

When "Shortage New" is selected in the "Type" Slicer no data is shown.When "Shortage New" is selected in the "Type" Slicer no data is shown.Data for "Shortage New" does exist in the data view.Data for "Shortage New" does exist in the data view.This is what the dashboard looks like when the other types are selected.This is what the dashboard looks like when the other types are selected.

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I am experience the same issue of selecting a value in the slicer and the data from the report section not showing in my table or column chart. Were you able to fix this issue?

Post a new question and mention me and I'll take a look.

Please provide more information.  What's the data model ? What's the relationship? Are the data types matching? What's the expected behaviour?

Super User
Super User

Is the field in the slicer from a separate dimension table? If so, you'll need to test that the relationship works for that specific value (Shortage-New).


Are the measures in your visuals returning blank?  If you add a constant to any of the measures to test (e.g. + 5 ) and you start to see data for Shortage New, that's the issue

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