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New Member

Data modelling

Hi All


I have set with a column which has wide range values can the values be split into qty breaks from the that column data with measure command or query Would the data broken down into break of 1-10,11-99,100-199,200-500,501-999, 1000-1999,2000-4999 etc 


Best Stephen

Super User
Super User

Hi @sta-exens , 


yes you can do that, by creating a calculating column and declare the values according to your needs.

like if column >=1 and column <=10 then "1-10"  etc

Hi Mussaenda,


Just a technicl question, as not done software coding for little while is this most efficient statement is there limit any to the number nested statements?  of if then and comand as will probably need about 13-15 if, then and  statements to separate out the qty.  The other way around maybe would be to slice the data 


Thanks for your help have a good day.




I guess then you graph the measure once i have command ironed out

Hi @sta-exens ,


No issues, you can do nested statements with multiple commands

Super User
Super User

@sta-exens , You need to ceate a custom column


Switch( True(),

[Value] < 11, "    1 -10",

[Value] < 21, "   11 -20",

// Add other



Make sure you give space or create it another column with sort order with same logic.

hi amitchandak

many thanks for your reply appreciated 


I've added the extra column called qty break, and added for measure as below syntax but having an error message in BI.


1 measure = Switch( True(), [Qty] < 11, " 1 -10", [Qty] < 21, " 11 -20") ,[Qty] < 21, "21 -50"), [Qty] < 50, "50 -100")))





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