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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Data display based on the row and selections


I want to show the data  that is shown in the main table. The slicers should show excatly what the row shows. it is working well for the month 08.2023 and 09.2023. However, it is not showing the right result for other two months. can you help me on this? I loaded the file to:

thank you

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @IF ,

Excuse me, can you tell me exactly what your error is, and what the correct value should be, thank you very much!

I checked the June and July results in your pbix file and they seem to appear to be correct


Best Regards,

Xianda Tang

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If i select only month, it should be blank for 06and 07.2023, but it is not. There is no value for region, town and citiy. It is working for other months. I have too many types. therefore i will not able to manually add.

Thank you 

Hi @IF ,

When you pick the months of June and July , these two should be empty, right? 


Best Regards,

Xianda Tang

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Hello, thanks. The card should be useable for the months june, july, aug, and september. i can not use it for each case. can you share the file? regards

Hi @IF ,

Okay,my pleasure

Thank you very much. I tested it, but it is not providing the right result as I shown below. I will change the structure of the table to make it useable. There is no need to spend time on it. I think it is going to be quite difficult. Again thank you. Have a nice day.



Hi, exactly, it should be empty. 

Hi @IF ,

I just scrutinized your measure and you have all the REGIONS,CITIES,TOWNS in June and July, so your flag_2 must be 4! like this:


When I turned to August and September, I realized that they had one statistic that was completely missing REGIONS,CITIES,TOWNS


The result shows exactly this value:


But your DAX will query the smallest flag_2 every time, since there is only flag_2 = 4 in June and July, he will only calculate and display the value of flag_2 = 4, so he won't be empty, I wrote on top of the other two cards to specifically calculate the case where REGIONS, CITIES, TOWNS are all empty!


Measure = 
     FILTER(Main,Main[_Flag_2] = 1)


The final output is shown in the following figure:


Best Regards,

Xianda Tang

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For example, when I select 09.2023 and select City F, it shows blank, however it should be 76.

Similarly, when I select 07.2023 and select RegionB, it shows blank, however it should be 60.570

thanks again.


Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Hi, but it is not working as it is working for 08 & 09.


Super User
Super User

Hello @IF 


if this is what you meant, 

simply create a measure : 

Measure = CALCULATE(SUM(Main[Value1]))
and add that measure in the filter pane for each slicer you want to be affected by the filter of the other slicers . 



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