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Data connection issue

Hi all,


 I have 2 tables and need to make a connection between them . Coulmn 'Account' should be same in both tables ( both 'Account' columns have duplicate values with different IDs) . I am trying to merge both 'Account ' columns from each table to a new table to uase as bridge table but the merge shows there are number of non matched values, is this because of duplicate values??



Super User
Super User

Hello @MaryMir ,

In a way yes and it also depends on the type of join that you are trying to make either left or right or inner etc

Instead of creating a bridge table like that take a dimension table of Account if available. 

If not duplicate one table either one or two depends on number of records and delete all other columns except Account column and delete duplicates in the Account column. This table you can use as bridge table. 


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Thanks @Kishore_KVN  by deleting the duplicate values , doesn't it affect the data accuracy? For examle I have 120 records with same Account name but different contract name. Each of thoes 120 records are not same Account that has been used for different contracts, each are specifically a row of values. 

No it will not miss any information as its going to be just a bridge table it will just help to connect two other tables thats it. 

Unfortunately didn't work, it gives me Many to Many relationship

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