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Creating table containing future data based on rules

Dear All, 

I need to pick your brains on this one:

I have a table containing contract Id, contract value, contract starting date and invoice frequency (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, every 6 months , yearly)


Based on this data, I would like to be able to display all expected invoices in the coming x years.


My first idea on achieving this was to create a new table based on the input I have in my contract table.

Would anyone of you have a suggestion how I can get this done?


Many thanks in advance!

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

ve this a try : 

Expected Invoice =
var start_date = MIN(Contracts[Starting Date])
var invoice_period = MAX(Contracts[Invoice Period])
var invoice_value = MAX(Contracts[Contract Value])
CALENDAR(start_date, DATEADD(MAX(Calendar[Date]), X, MONTH)),
MOD(DATEDIFF([Date], start_date, MONTH), invoice_period) = 0
"Contract ID", MAX(Contracts[Contract ID]),
"Invoice Value", invoice_value

Replace "X" in the formula with the number of months you want to display the invoices for.

Thanks for the fast response.

However, this way I get a table with just one contract ID, and all days of the months we should invoice until X is reached ...

I am looking for a table containing only contracts with the dates they are expected to be invoiced ...  

Every contract can have a different invoice starting date, and invoicing period


This is an example of what I have (the actual no of contracts will be in the mid-hundreds):

Contract IDStarting DateIF frequency (months)
Contract 101.01.20224
Contract 201.05.20226


This is what I expect:

Contract IDIV Date
Contract 101.01.2022
Contract 101.05.2022
Contract 101.09.2022
Contract 101.01.2023
Contract 101.05.2023
Contract 101.09.2023
Contract 101.01.2024
Contract 101.05.2024
Contract 101.09.2024
Contract 201.11.2022
Contract 301.05.2023
Contract 401.11.2023
Contract 501.05.2024
Contract 601.11.2024

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