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Creating a ratio based on a calculated measure



I'm trying to calculate a first contract resolution rate for our customer service department. My data source is Salesforce where I use the Case object and Case History object for this calculation. So far I've managed to calculate the number of redirections per case, by looking at the Case History object and counting the number of owners each CaseID has had. We've set the threshold to 3, meaning that 1 and 2 case owners are considered resolved at First Contact, 3 or more are not considered resolved at First Contact. Now let's say we have 4 cases, whereof 3 only needed 2 case owners to be resolved and 1 needed 4. We would then have a 75% First Contact Resolution rate.


I manage to calculate the number of redirections per case (as a measure) and even get to a boolean (also a measure) for each case number, but from here I'm not able to get to the ratio. Any help I can get is much appreciated.





# of case redirections = CALCULATE(COUNTAX(SF_Kundcasehistorik;SF_Kundcasehistorik[CaseId]);or(SF_Kundcasehistorik[Field]="Owner";SF_Kundcasehistorik[Field]="ownerassignment"))


FCR = if([# of case redirections]<3;1;0)



Kind regards,


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Community Champion



How about this formula:


FCR = IF([# of case redirections]<3;[# of case redirections];0) / [# of case redirections]
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Many thanks themistoklis, but it doesn't seem to do the trick. Just as my FCR calculation, the row by row calculation is correct, but I can't get to an average for all cases. In the visual it does not allow me to do any calculation or slicing on the FCR. Anymore suggestions? Thx. 

Can you share the workspace if possible and an image on how you want the data to look like?


Also you cant put measure as slicers

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I can't share the data. I'm trying to paste a snip-out of the canvas and visuals, but nothing happens when I paste it in here. 


I would like to present a FCR ratio to the Customer Service team each month. Ideally I would display the ratio as a KPI visual against a target ratio. Right now the measure gives me this on a row level, saying it's either 100 or 0%, but I would need the average for all rows (cases).



You should click on photos button first and then add the images

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FCR snipout.PNG


As you can see, the individual rows are correct, but the total is 0. It doesn't let me to make an average of FCR for all rows.



You can also try these formulas


# of case redirections =

SUMX ( VALUES ( SF_Kundcasehistorik[CaseNumber]);



FCR = if( IFERROR([# of case redirections],0)<3 ;1 ;0)

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See if this helps:


Example file can be found Here



Thanks for the photos

Can you also send the formulas that you have for FCR and FCR%

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